Internet Franchise Innovators

Leaders in the Field

The IREA-AII is an Internet Marketing innovator, setting the standard for multiple real estate listings services. Our 600 portals are created using the latest SEO tools (Search Engine Optimization), have a Page Rank 4 or higher and consistently appear in the top 10 search results in Google.

Page Rank is a system developed by the creators of Google, to measure the importance of a given website on the Internet. If a page has many links coming in, from other heavily trafficked and reputable websites, it increases the importance of the page to Google. The more reputation the page has, the better the Page Rank, the more likely it is this page will appear in search results.

This takes time, hard work and a solid investment, which is why all IREA-AII pages are live, operational and fully established before they are offered as franchising units.

This is the difference between many of the other thousands of real estate advertising websites, and the IREA-AII. Advertising on a website with a Page Rank of 2 will get you nowhere fast – no one will see your listing. With our network of pages ranked at 4, 5 and 6 a client can be certain that for an almost uncountable number of keyword combinations at least one of our pages will appear in the top 10 search results.

We are constantly growing and improving; we create market opportunities instead of waiting for them to be presented to us – this is how we have grown to own 600 property portals. Now we are big enough to make a difference, but we are still small enough to care about you. We invite you to grow with us.