IREA-AII Franchises

Why Franchise?


IREA-AII franchises are split into three different models and start from 10 000USD. Quite apart from the low initial investment, setting up and maintaining an IREA-AII franchise is not an expensive venture. With an IREA-AII franchise website you have no inventory to purchase and no outlet maintenance to cover, and it is entirely up to you if you wish to set up at home or from an office, independently or with staff.

Read more about the IREA-AII franchise models here.

Cutting Edge

The IREA-AII is an innovator in the Internet marketing industry, choosing to lead where others follow. Following the advice of top Internet marketing experts, we have created portals that consistently appear in the top 10 search results in Google, which makes our service unbeatable across the world.

We are constantly growing and improving; we create market opportunities instead of waiting for them to be presented to us – this is how we have grown to own 600 property-advertising portals. Now we are big enough to make a difference, but we are still small enough to care about our franchise holders.


The beauty of an Internet-based business is that you call the shots. You can work from home or sublet an office space; alone or with a partner; nine-to-five or those hours that suit you. Think outside the square and enjoy a truly flexible business opportunity.